with better efficiency, the longest warranty,
and the maximum level of security and flexibility.

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Solar energy
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Maximum roof utilization


SolarEdge advanced technology provides 25% greater performance and reliability for your PV system.

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Sustainable Investment


Warranty up to 25 years for your PV system. You can expect stable returns with low maintenance costs.

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Power Optimization


By connecting the optimizers you get a smart photovoltaic system that maximizes efficiency, gives you complete control and increases safety.

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The Role of SolarEdge Inverters

The inverter is the element that determines the energy efficiency and the anticipated output. It changes the DC voltage generated by photovoltaic (PV) modules into the AC voltage used for our own power needs and fed into the grid when there is extra.

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All Roofs are Possible with A-Sol

When planning a PV solar power solution, one always imagines a surface with ideal orientation and a roof with the same slope, but in real life, this is not always possible. This is where SolarEdge technology comes into play. 

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Shading of PV Systems - The Solution

Installing a PV solar system is an exciting opportunity to get energy from a free and natural energy source: our sun. But are you really getting the maximum power out of your PV installation? Shading is a common problem that is successfully solved by SolarEdge technology. 

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SolarEdge in Numbers



Cutting-edge technology, the choice of optimal solutions, and the right price is a guarantee for complete satisfaction with your investment.


Greater Efficiency

By using power optimizers and flexible layout modules you will attain up to 25% greater efficiency.



The warranty on the solar modules, inverters and optimizers lasts much longer than the period during which you will recover your investment.


Lower Energy Costs

The price of energy will rise in the future, which means a faster return on investment in a solar power plant.