SolarEdge Retrofit Products – Overview

Extract more energy from your existing systems by adding SolarEdge power optimizers. Learn how and why.


Traditional inverters are by definition unable to single out the IV curves of individual modules, let alone adjust current and voltage per module. Instead, traditional inverters track the maximum power point collectively for an array of modules.

By taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach traditional inverters compromise on receiving an average system output in which weaker modules hamper the output of stronger modules in the array. The energy that is lost as a result, can commonly be referred to as module-mismatch loss.

Module mismatch occurs when modules in an array do not exhibit fully identical electrical properties or when they are exposed to different environmental conditions. Module mismatch leads to a different maximum power point (MPP) per module.

SolarEdge power optimizers perform MPP tracking for each module individually and therefore extract the maximum energy from each module, regardless of other modules in the string.

Sources of module-mismatch:

  • Partial shading & uneven soiling – causes different irradiance levels on different modules
  • Temperature gradient – heat convection across the solar array causes different temperature levels on different modules
  • Manufacturing tolerance & uneven aging rate – cause the modules to perform at different MPP parameters

Comparison of traditional systems with the SolarEdge: partially shaded modules


If you already have a solar system that suffers from mismatch-related power losses, SolarEdge offers you two optional retrofit configurations:

1. Module Level Power Optimization

  • Adding a power optimizer to each module for added energy through module-level MPPT


MPPT on each PV module
The voltage and current adapted to each particular module

 Traditional system
Every PV module in a string has the same current, regardless of their MPP.

2. Smart Module

  • In addition to power optimizers install the SolarEdge Safety and Monitoring Interface to enable:
    • Additional energy through module-level MPPT
    • Enhanced maintenance through module-level monitoring
    • Automatic module level DC safety


Indop™  Power Optimizer – with independent optimization technology IndOP™, can work directly with the inverter, without any additional interfaces or hardware.
Download datasheet (pdf)

Safety and Monitoring Interface – the SolarEdge Safety & Monitoring Interface for module-level monitoring and safety retrofitted systems.
Download datasheet (pdf) – commercial systems without SolarEdge inverters
Download datasheet (pdf) – smaller systems without SolarEdge inverters 

SolarEdge Key – a commissioning tool that is used to enable power optimizers to work with non-SolarEdge inverters without installing any additional hardware.
Download datasheet (pdf)